What vehicle will you use for the tour?

We'll take you in our custom built Land Rover Defender, fitted out like a true safari vehicle from Africa. It has 10 passenger seats (all fitted with seat belts) and offers the best views of any tour vehicle currently in Guernsey.

The high seating sounds great, is it difficult to get into?

The seating in the Land Rover is all forward facing and at high level - it has to be to get the best views - but it's easily accessible. You'll have to climb a small ladder on the side of the vehicle to get in, but it's only a couple of steps and it's totally worth it for the views! If you do have any concerns about accessibility please don't hesitate to contact us, we strive to be as inclusive as possible and will do our best to offer you a guided tour of Guernsey.

So what's the advantage of the Land Rover over say, a Tour Bus?

Roads in Guernsey are smaller than most places, and you probably won't appreciate this until we actually get underway! The sheer size of the buses & coaches that offer tours limits them to the island's largest roads - missing the best bits! Think of it this way, you don't see the best of a country from the Motorway, do you? + on a guided tour you want to be able to ask questions right? With a maximum of 10 other passengers you'll spend less time competing to get your questions answered!

That makes sense, why don't we just book a taxi then?

A taxi will probably get you to 80% of the places we visit, but you'll only get 10% of the scenery! Our Land Rover was specially built to offer panoramic views - you'll see straight out over the driver, over hedges & walls and not miss the true beauty! And who wants to be stuck in a stuffy saloon on a beautiful summers day?!

So it's an open top vehicle?

The Land Rover is fitted with a permanent sun shade so you won't be baking in the midday Sun. The side's are all open for you to enjoy uninterupted views and soak up the fresh air.

But what if it rains?

We've thought of that, should the rain decide to fall whilst we're out and about it only takes a matter of seconds to add some rain protection - don't worry though the rain protection has got lots of windows so you'll still enjoy the views!

Will you show us much of St Peter Port?

For private tours we can include some of St Peter Port's highlights, but the heart of St Peter Port is best experienced as a walking tour with an accredited guide. Most of our tours will involve a short drive through the capitol showing you some of the iconic buildings.

Will there be stops along the way?

Of course! The beauty of small groups is that we can make more regular photograph stops (so don't forget your camera!). For mixed group guided tours we have to accomodate all guests within the scheduled times so stops will vary, but our aim is to show you as much of the island as possible! On our longer tours we'll also make a refreshment stop at a lovely cafe or beach kiosk.

It all sounds great, is there any other reason we should join your tours?

We intend to show you the REAL Guernsey, the places that locals love and not just the places with the biggest carpark or advertising budget. We will not be "bought" and only visit places we actually enjoy ourselves!

Are you accredited?

All our tour routes are fully accredited by The States of Guernsey Traffic and Highway Services, and we are fully insured to take fare paying passengers in our vehicle. For an un-biased review of our tours check us out on TripAdvisor!

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